Monday, March 4, 2013

A Little Easter

I have never been big on Easter stitching. I couldn't tell you why, really. I celebrate Easter, and I like Spring. But Easter stitching has never floated my boat; in fact, I have only done a few Easter-themed pieces in the past, and Easter patterns never excite me the way Halloween and Christmas ones do. 

A recent finish, however, is making me change my mind.

A Little Easter Kit by Lizzie*Kate
 How cute is that?!?!?!

Maybe it was those cute little chickies, or perhaps it was the basket of colorful eggs that melted my heart and made me look at Easter stitching differently. 

 Whatever the reason, I am glad to have stitched this as a shop model for my LNS. This project stitched up quickly--it's a bitty thing at only 3.5 by 2.75 inches--and used such fun colors.

Look at the sweet little pink button in the corner of the design. Maybe that's what won me over.

Or maybe it was the little beads in the centers of the flowers.

Nah, it had to be the cute border of carrots along the bottom!

Whatever it was, I am glad that Easter stitching no longer fills me with dread and dissatisfaction. (Ha, I am being a bit dramatic.) With a design this sweet, how could I be anything but happy? 


besomom said...

I've never been big on Easter stitching, either. I think the issue for me is the pastel palette. It just doesn't get me excited! But this little design is really adorable! I like the carrots the best.

Julie said...

This looks awesome. I LOVE the button. The button alone makes me want to stitch it.

Lesleyanne said...

A very cute finish.

Lisa said...

So sweet! I love everything about this little Easter piece. Those carrots on the border are adorable. Your stitching always blows my mind, so perfect & tidy!

priscilla said...

Really cute ! Not an Easter stitcher either , but this one could change my mind :)

Deborah Schander said...

I have to agree about Easter stitching, but this one is just perfect. Those colors look like they'd be such fun to work with.

Paige said...

Cute little chick! I wish I had a LNS. When I lived in upstate New York I was near one that was amazing!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

It's the chicks....defenitely the chicks. Very pretty!

Sam said...

Easter in the Southern Hemisphere is kind of confusing with all the talk of springtime and renewal and pastelly colours .... this embroidery however makes me feel much more grounded :-)