Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silent Night

Here is a small finish from last month. 

Silent Night Flip -it (Jingles) by Lizzie*Kate 
I wasn't able to take the kind of close-up, detailed pictures that I usually do. My handy little point and shoot, the camera I use for 99.9% of my needlework pics, is on the fritz. It won't focus, even with fresh batteries. Boo. I love my Nikon, but I don't have a macro lens for it. 

But I guess these pics are better than none, right? :)

About the project: I stitched little cutie on Summer Khaki Belfast using most of the recommended floss colors. I love the button and beads that came with the pattern. They add a sweet touch to the design. Each pattern in the Jingles series (there are twelve total) comes with some sort of embellishment.

Now, let's just hope I can actually turn this into a cute ornament. My finishing skills are sadly lacking! I think I should resolve to improve them in the new year. 


Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Super cute! How adorable is the little owl?

SewAmy said...

So cute. I know another girl that is stitching these cutest up. Your pictures are perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love this one. I know I will love stitching it up some day!

I was thinking about finishing as one of my goals too.

Lesleyanne said...

Pictures look great. A cute finish. Your finishing is always lovely.

April said...

Hey you posted! I love your blog! Crochet is lovely. I only do hats, and scarves, and a few amigurimi. Your stitching looks great!

Sadie said...

Lovely wee finish!