Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goals Update #2

I've spent the last couple months trying to tackle some more items on my stitchy goals list

I started a project on 40-ct linen. Oh my, talk about tiny fabric! I chose to stitch The Queen Bee by JBW Designs. It's such a sweet little pattern. 

I don't know exactly what linen this is, but I think it's Sand Newcastle by Zweigart. It's just a bitty little piece, I do know that. What I know for sure, though, is that I am using Black Coral silk floss by Dinky Dyes. I am actually crossing two things off my list with this project: stitch on 40-ct linen and stitch something entirely in silk. 

(I wish I'd put a quarter or something next to that bee to give you an idea about how small she is. From crown to stinger, she is less that two inches! Same thing from wing to wing.)

Also on my list is trying new crochet stitches. I dabbled in granny squares, even buying a pamphlet at the craft store. The pamphlet makes them look pretty easy, and everything I've read online about granny squares is that they're pretty easy. But for me, something isn't quite clicking--yet. I know it will someday. *Fingers crossed*. 

It's not horrible, it's not great. It is what it is and I am okay with that. 

I've also been working on what I think is called the V-stitch.

I've taken to this stitch better than the granny squares, for sure. But I figure I'll be able to conquer grannies eventually, so I am not worried about it. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Goals Update #1

I have been working toward some of the stitching goals I set for myself, and so far, so good. Here is just one of them.




I picked out a fabulous Nora Corbett pattern, "Gardenia."  I am so smitten with this design! I opted for something from Corbett's smaller Pixie Couture line rather than one her larger Mirabilia patterns (like I had originally planned) because I thought I had a better chance of completing the smaller Pixie pattern. 

I've also been poking around the internet in search of a good granny square tutorial, and I found one that clicked with me. I will share my very first granny square with you soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I am not one for making New Year's resolutions, but I thought it'd be fun to make some stitching goals. Perhaps there isn't much difference between the two, but I love the idea of setting goals. Resolutions? Meh, not so much. Anywho, here are my stitching goals for 2014. 

Stitch something on 40-ct. fabric.
For a long time, I've wanted to do something on 40-ct. fabric. I finally bought a small swatch of it and plan to stitch something on it soon. Wish me--and my eyesight--luck! ;)

Stitch an entire project in nothing but silk floss.
Oh, silk. So luxurious. So smooth. So...pricey. Doing a project in all silk can really add up. For that reason, my project will be small. I like this pattern by JBW Designs. I think it'd look nice stitched with this silk, which I happen to have in my stash.

Stitch a pattern that is outside my "norm".
I like a certain style when it comes to stitching, but I think it would be fun to try something new, something a bit more challenging. I have my eye on some Drawn Thread and Just Nan patterns that I think would be fun to stitch even though they are just a wee bit out of my comfort zone. I would also like this goal to include incorporating some specialty stitches into my stitching. I did a pattern a few years ago that had a lot of simple specialty stitches, and I'd like to expand and try some more complicated ones. Many of the Just Nan patterns would be perfect for that.

Stitch a Mirabilia pattern.
I have done one and only one Mirabilia, and it was awesome. I would like to try a larger, more intricate Mira this time around. I don't think I would actually be able to finish a Mira by the end of the year, especially since I have the other goals I'd like to meet, so perhaps I should change it to, "Start a Mirabilia pattern." I don't want to set myself up for failure by setting the bar too high. ;) Anywho, there a lot of patterns from which to choose, and I think narrowing it down just might be the most difficult aspect of this goal!

Learn how to do more kinds of crochet.
I couldn't make a list of stitching goals without having one of them pertain to crochet! I have only been doing it for 9 or so months, but I truly love it. I don't know how to do much, though. I can manage a handful of stitches, but I can't seem to get past crocheting in rows and nothing but rows. I would like to learn how to do granny squares, I think. Or maybe learn how to stitch something round. We'll see! I am still working out the details of this goal.

So, there you have it, my stitching goals for 2014. My plan is to keep you filled in as to how I am doing as the year progresses. My friend Julie also has a list of stitching goals and will updating her blog accordingly.  Some of my goals are the same as hers, and it will be nice to work toward our goals together. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penguin Ornament

My sweet friend Glenda sent me some cross stitch patterns a couple months ago, so I thought it would be nice to make her a Christmas ornament as a little thank you. 

"Snow Globe Cutie:Penguin" by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
This cutie was stitched on Misty Blue Belfast by Zweigart. The floss is DMC, but not all the colors were the recommended ones. I needed to change the scarf to Christmas-y colors, and I needed to change the body of the penguin so it would stand out more against the blue of the linen. I chose the blue linen so I could skip filling in the background of the snow globe (huge time saver!). I took a cue from a picture I saw on Flickr and outlined the snow globe with metallic floss. I used a Kreinik #4 braid that I had in my stash. I love that stuff!

This little cutie really is little--that's a 4-inch hoop in the first picture. He was a quick, fun stitch. Isn't he adorable?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowflake Ornament

I have been collecting Just Cross Stitch's annual Christmas ornament magazines off and on since 2001, and I hadn't made one single thing from those magazines until this year. Now I am wondering why I waited so long!

"Snowflake 2001" from the Just Cross Stitch 2001 Special Issue--Christmas Ornaments

Isn't it sweet? I didn't use the fabric or the fibers (or even the specific beads) that designer Margot Cook of Heritage Series used, but I love love love how it turned out. (Confession: I love it even more than the original.)

I loved stitching this. I used Crystal Monet Cashel by Picture this Plus (I think that is what this is stitched on, but don't quote me on it because I am not 100% positive about what I used) and Needles Necessities floss. That company is now Threadworx, and while the dye lots are the same, the names of the colors are not. I have no clue what this was called originally (did it even have a name, or was it just a number?), as I lost the wrapper long ago, and I have no clue what it's called now. I think it's this one, though. Or maybe this one. Anywho...I also used some variety of Mill Hill's petite seed beads, but your guess is as good as mine as to which ones. ;)

I sent this ornament to my dear friend Julie, my #1 blogging buddy and favorite stitching pal. I hope you like it, J!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silent Night

Here is a small finish from last month. 

Silent Night Flip -it (Jingles) by Lizzie*Kate 
I wasn't able to take the kind of close-up, detailed pictures that I usually do. My handy little point and shoot, the camera I use for 99.9% of my needlework pics, is on the fritz. It won't focus, even with fresh batteries. Boo. I love my Nikon, but I don't have a macro lens for it. 

But I guess these pics are better than none, right? :)

About the project: I stitched little cutie on Summer Khaki Belfast using most of the recommended floss colors. I love the button and beads that came with the pattern. They add a sweet touch to the design. Each pattern in the Jingles series (there are twelve total) comes with some sort of embellishment.

Now, let's just hope I can actually turn this into a cute ornament. My finishing skills are sadly lacking! I think I should resolve to improve them in the new year. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn Samplers and Candy Corn Crochet

Hello! It certainly has been a while since my last post. I've been super busy with kids, life, and, of course, stitching!

As you may remember, I was one of the pattern testers for The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Autumn Sampler. That kept me super busy, and boy, was it worth the time I spent stitching it. SO CUTE. 

I also decided that, after both admiring and being intimidated by them for longer than I can recall, I would take the plunge and buy my first Quaker sampler pattern. I LOVE IT. Oh my gosh, I love it so much! I haven't gotten very far yet, but it is wonderful. Words cannot convey how much I love this thing.

Quaker Season Autumn by ByGone Stitches
I am stitching this on the suggested fabric (PTP's Mello Cashel) with the suggested floss (GAST). The linen is dreamy and the colors are gorgeous, and the pattern is easy to follow. I love it. I can't believe I waited this long to stitch a Quaker sampler. (Also, how cute is that scissors needle minder?!?)

In addition to stitching, I decided it was high time to get serious about learning how to crochet. A friend tried to teach me many years ago, but I couldn't get the hang of it back then. With the help of the internet (Crochet School and YouTube, in particular), I was able to finally make it "click" in my head. I can't do anything fancy, but I have mastered the double crochet stitch and can make a washcloth in just a couple hours.

By the way, washing dishes is far more fun when using a candy corn-colored dishcloth. Trust me on this one.