Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time's a Wastin'

Once again, another day has passed and I have nothing to show for it. Well, nothing stitchy, anyway. Eh, oh well. I am looking forward to getting back on track with my bathroom stitching. Actually, I should be stitching RIGHT NOW, but am I? Nooooo, I've been messing with my blog for the better part of this evening. But I'm having fun! So that counts for something, right? :-D

I can't bear to post without a picture, though.

How about something from Vogart, something I stitched recently:
vegetable polka

(Pattern provided by floresita.)

Do you ever find yourself looking for stitchy inspiration online, only to get so caught up in pictures of everyone else's beautiful projects that you don't work on your own? I have to admit, I spend waaaaaaay too much time on flickr! I can't get enough of people's fantastic stitching. I always start out saying, "Ok, I'll just look for 10 minutes to get inspired," but I end up looking for much longer...far too long to admit out loud...and then before I know it's time for bed and I haven't stitched one tiny bit. Oooops!

How 'bout you? What keeps you from stitching?

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floresita said...

Ha ha, I too, spend WAY too much time looking at other people's projects. And buying patterns. And finding free patterns. And stashing floss and fabric. But it is so inspiring when I actually sit down and do something... :)