Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keepin' Things Clean

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

Some time ago, I told you about a swap I did with my friend Amanda. Here (finally!) are the pics of what I stitched for her:


side shot

I just love these little cupcakes:

c'est bon

When I saw this adorable pattern by Pimp Stitch, I knew it was perfect for Amanda. I made it into a pillow (hand sewed it, people! I don't have a machine--yet.) and I think it turned out pretty cute. It didn't seem like enough, though. So I stitched this, too:


This was matted and framed, and I really like the way it turned out. Since I am keepin' it clean for the kiddos I edited this pic, but if you wanna see the un-blackboxed version, along with a couple other pics, click here.

That's all for now, but I will have more to share with you soon. I finished the embroidery on another Christmas ornament, but I haven't had the time to get a good picture yet. (Well, I had time yesterday--and even had a brief moment when the sun was out--but the camera batteries needed charging. Now it's pouring down rain and since I like to take my pics in natural light...well, no pics have been snapped today.) I've also been working on a cute shirt for my youngest son, and I am excited to share that with you. It's still a WIP, but I am sure I will finish it soon. And then I will lots of pics to share with you! Until then...

Happy Stitching!


lovestitches said...

I am really into pillows right now and this one is SO damn cute! And that fire crotch one, wow!! WOW!!

As for the hand stitching...I have infinite respect for hand stitchers, it's a true labour of love to do that!

Brook said...

LOVE BOTH!!! I would die for both of them!!!

Knit - R - Done said...

Really nice! GReat stitching!

Miss Paula said...

I really like your pillow! So sweet!! Thanks for the censorship!!!

bookwormbethie said...

OMG! I'm a nut and was just thinking about y'alls swap and wondering when APP would get her goodies! I LOVE them! The crayon tinting (?) on the pillows ia sooo beautiful!

The pillow "case" looks absolutely perfect. I was thinking of making a pillow "case" and buying a pillow form to fit inside. Have any tips???

And the pin up girl is foxy!

Angela said...

Love the pillow....sooo cute!! :D

Crash Course Widow said...

Akh!! That pillow is soooooooooooo adorable!!

Off to go get my vicarious not-so-kid-friendly jollies in.... ;o)

Claudia said...

i love that pillow, i love that it's in french!
the pinup looks amazing too, love the flames!

SewAmy said...

love the pillow.

sewitsforyou said...

I can't wait to do a swap with you. APP was so lucky. I love the pillow. I hand sew everything. I do not have a machine and haven't really tried to sew since high school home ec. You sttuff always comes out so polished looking and your camera ( or the operator) takes such great pics.

Amanda Panda Pants said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I am so lucky to have been the recipient of these wonderful stitches!!!!!! They are so awesome and all of the work that went into them!!!!! Holy cow! It's hard to pick between the two of them as to which is my favorite, so they both have to be my favorite :) Kristi you spoiled me rotten not only with the two embroidered pieces but with all the bonus goodies I got too!!!! Thank you again you made my November!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pillow. Was wondering what stitch you used to make the letters and how many threads?

Kristi said...

Anonymous-I used one strand for the lettering. As for the stitch I used, I am not sure. :) It's probably some combination of outline/running/back stitch. :):)