Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orange WIP

School. It's ridiculous how much of my time it consumes. It's amazing how much time I spend doing homework instead of stitching. But that's ok. I will eventually be done with my studies, and then I will be able to stitch as often as I'd like.

Well, maybe not as often as I'd like, but definitely more than I do now. :)

Here is a little peek at my current WIP.

orange wip

This pattern was designed by my current stitching obsession, The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. They offer some seriously cute stuff, people.

orange wip

I am stitching this little orange with DMC floss on 28-count Opalescent/White Lugana fabric. It's sparkly and delicious.

orange wip

orange wip

orange wip

This is such a fun project. I can't until I am finished! I have a super cute rainbow I want to start.

Just as soon as I finish my homework.  :P


Brook said...

SO cute!!! those stitches are SO TINY!!! I love oranges with cute faces!

TiLT said...

Agree - so cute! And I love the sparkly fabric!

Janee Lookerse said...

Be patient dear, when your homework is done you will have MUCH more free time! Although there still never seems to be ENOUGH time. It's a joy to not have to sit through lectures also... you will make it!