Saturday, September 1, 2012

Candy Apple

Hello and Happy September! You know what a new month means I can show you the latest Dessert of the Month from the Pumpkins!

Introducing...Candy Apple!!!

I loved stitching this little sweetie! Talk about CUTE! Don't ya just love it when something so cute is quick to stitch? That is the case with this guy! He's super sweet and can be completed in one evening. Yum!

Eep! That mouth--it slays me. 

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Barb said...

That apple is so cute!

Paige said...

Very cute! Are you going to frame this when you're finished with all 12? I've made some progress on my first cross-stitch (WInterwoods Sampler). I think it's going okay so far!

wrenandstitchy said...

Super cute! I love those shades of red -- they're so vibrant.


Bev said...

OMG!!! these are soo cute, but i have been bnned from spending any money on charts, he even changed the Paypal password GASP!! i know!!!

I have to say you are one of the neatest sticthers i have come across, i am now going to sulk some more and figure out how to buy these lol

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

aaaggghhh! now I'm 3 months behind!

Kristi said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Paige--I am not sure yet what I will do with this piece. Btw, your Winterwoods piece is looking SO good!

Carla said...

Super cute!!!!