Friday, May 23, 2008

Lazy Day


I could tell you that I've resumed work on Bathroom Stitching, but that would be a big fat lie. I spent the majority of the day doing...nothing. Nope, nada. Well, I did do the normal, everyday know, take care of the kids, make the bed, go to work, blah blah blah. But in between all that? Nothing. Oh well. Maybe later this evening I will get some stitching done...

I did something recently that was very fun: I visited my LNS (local needlework shop) and treated myself to a little stash. (That's what birthday money is for, right?) Mmmmm, yummy stash...

Here, take a look:
wee bit o' stash

This is "The Tea Room" by Country Cottage Needleworks. I also got some of DMC's glow-in-the-dark floss, along with some of their yummy new Color Variations, but those didn't make it into the photo. I'd like to re-organize my floss someday so maybe I'll get a picture then.

But isn't this pattern pretty? I became inspired to do it when I saw this gorgeous example on Carolina Dreams. I seriously love that blog. The pictures Nicole takes of her finished pieces and stash are yummy. I have total stash envy. ;)

All right, enough chit-chatting. Time to get down to business. I am going to sign off for now so I can get some stitching done!

Happy stitching, everybody! :)

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