Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a Gem Because I Say It's a Gem!

Whew! I've been a busy girl lately! Too busy to do much stitching. I did make a little progress on Bathroom Stitching last night, but I don't have a picture to show you. Sorry. There's not a whole lot to see, so don't be too disappointed. ;) The french knot 'fro is coming along quite nicely, though it's not quite what I was picturing in my mind when I set out to do it. Eh, oh well. It's still hella cool to be making a french knot 'fro.

I'm excited about the new projects I have on the horizon. Unfortunately I can't tell you about them 'cause they are top secret. Sorry, I know, I am such a tease! But I promise you that as soon as I can elaborate about my top secret projects, you will be the first to hear about them.

Well, since I don't have any cool new pics to share with you, I guess I will have to show you this little gem from a couple months ago:

Is it conceited to call my own stitching a 'gem'? Oh well, it's a gem 'cause I say it's a gem! Yeah! Tee hee. And you can make your own gem by visiting this blog. Andrea is an amazing, talented artist who kindly posts a free embroidery pattern every month. Talk about generous! And how freakin' awesome is her work? :-D

All righty people, I hope you're enjoying yourselves and getting lots of stitching done. I think I will probably have some free time tomorrow, and I plan to stitch...so hopefully I will be posting some pics of a completed Bathroom Stitching. Woo hoo! Wish me luck!

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Early Bird Special said...

Ooh! I like TOP SECRET projects! :)

I've got a big one under my belt too. hehehe

Good luck with the bathroom stitching! Can't wait to see that fro!