Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where Did This Week Go?

Wow! I can't believe it's already Thursday evening. This week absolutely flew by. I have been a diligent little stitcher, lemme tell ya! Top Secret Project #1 is coming along quite nicely. More on that later. ;) Top Secret Project #2, however, has been put on hold so I can work on Not So Secret Project #3. The end of the school year is just around the corner, and I am making a gift for Teacher. Yup! I am excited about it, but I only have six days to finish it, and I have yet to actually start it. Well, I guess you could say that technically I've started it. I transferred the pattern a couple nights ago. Here, I'll show you:
teacher gift-to-be

But unfortunately, that's all I've done. And it didn't transfer particularly well. Ick. (The pattern is the white one on the right; the one on the left is the muslin with the transfer image. Hard to see, I know. Ugh.) I need to do a floss toss tonight to figure out the colors. This particular pattern isn't really my style or taste, but I know Teacher will like it, so I think I will enjoy stitching it. I can't wait to get it done, though, so I can resume work on Top Secret Project #1 and Bathroom Stitching. I haven't touched bathroom Stitching since I last blogged about it nearly a week ago, and I really want to get back to that french knot 'fro. And my Top Secret Projects.

Ok, that's it for tonight! I am devoting the rest of this evening to stitching!! Wish me luck with the floss toss. :)

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