Saturday, May 31, 2008

French Knot 'Fro

Hey there, stitchy peeps!

Well, I don't have Bathroom Stitching completed yet. Eeek! This stupid little thing called my job (ick) keeps getting in the way of my stitching time. Grrrr. However, I am happy to report that I got off work early tonight and have time to devote to stitching! I will be working on Top Secret Project #1. I am soooo excited about this! Amy from Early Bird Special and I are doing an embroidery swap, and I am beside myself with glee about it. :) For reals, people! Amy is the sweetest person in the world and I am honored that she wants to swap with me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I do have a little somethin' to show ya:
french knot fro

The lighting in this pic is lousy, hence the colors look all wacky. The blues aren't as blue as they look, rather they are turquoise (the darker stuff, like the earrings) and aqua (the lighter stuff, like the trim on the collar), plus the hair is a teensy bit yellower. I still have a lot of filling in to do for the fro, but it goes by pretty quickly, especially when Dateline is on the TV. The french knots are a little thicker than what I am used to; I tend to do two strands wrapped twice around the needle, but this is three strands.

(I think I love it. ♥)

Well, that's about all I can say about that. Not much progress=not much to blog about. But since I love to post pictures, I will post one more stitchy pic. You know, just for the heck of it. Tee hee.

Here ye be:
stitchy calendar

I did this a few years ago. I don't know what year...sometime in the late 90's, I think. When was "Butterfly" by Crazy Town a hit? I remember that video was in heavy rotation on MTV when I was working on this. Anywho, it came from a kit I bought at Michael's. It's not really "me" anymore, but I still love it. That border took me forever to complete, by the way. Ick. It was sooooo monotonous. It's a good-sized piece, at about 9"x13", so there was a lot of time spent on that border. Sigh. ;)

Ok, according to Wikipedia, it was early 2001. Ok, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. 1997-2002 was pretty much a blur for me. But that's a whole 'nother story!

All righty, hubby is blaring Reverend Horton Heat in the living room, and it's putting me in a good mood! I am feeling inspired to stitch. Yay!!

PS Does anybody besides me think that the Bathroom Stitching's mouth should be redone? I ripped out the first one I stitched because it was clownish, and now this second one reminds me of Janice from The Muppet Show. What do you think?


Early Bird Special said...

Hey girlie!

I'm super excited about our swap too, and I've been working on your item tonight. I really like how the Mod Girl is looking! The fro is awe. some. You made me laugh about the Janice comment. Mouths can be tricky sometimes. I think it looks good how it is, but don't settle if you're not happy with it, because you're really the one that matters. ;)


Crash Course Widow said...

I don't know squat about stitching (as you well know! =)), but I love checking in and reading what you write and seeing your fabulous pics of your work!

And that Muppet chick's name is Janice?!? File that under things I had no idea about. Oh, I just love my fellow Random Girl. =)

Have a great weekend, m'dear! Mwa!

Crash Course Widow said...

Oh, yeah--I love Fro Girl too! Can't wait to see how it the final product ends up!

And I've always had a soft spot for that annoying-border piece you did years ago...or at least it's one I actually remember seeing in person on your walls! Reminds me of that bookworm (err...bookcat?) one you stitched me ages and eons ago. It's still in my library! (And doesn't "library" just sound sooooooo much more literary and erudite than "office"?? ...Too bad I rarely set foot in the room, Maybe I should call it "Anna's music studio/overflow playroom" instead, because it's where she sits and plays her keyboard with microphone that she got from Auntie Meg et al for Christmas this last year. It's REALLY funny to hear her sing to it..sometimes it sounds more like rapping...very bad (but adorable, of course), white-girl-from-Oregon rapping. =) ...Which doesn't have a damn thing to do with stitching or your blog, but's 3:07 am and I can't fall back asleep, so I'm allowed to be a little loopy. =))

Nighty-night, chiquita!