Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cuteness Galore!

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps! Whew, have I ever been a busy little stitcher!! I have been doing some stitching for Annie Oakleaves--her Eenies are to die for!--and it's been keeping me super busy...in a good way! They're cute as can be and a blast to stitch. Here, look:

cotton candy


peanut 2

eenie fairy

candy corn 2
frankie's bride

Cute stuff, huh? And look, the stripes in the Bride of Frankenstein's hair glow!

glowing hair!

And here's my latest WIP:

sneak-ity peek-ity

Check out Annie Oakleaves' etsy shop if you wanna create some cuteness!

So hey, sorry this post is short on words, but I've got some stitching to do! I will be back later this week (hopefully) with more to say. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


lovestitches said...

I've been drooling all over my keyboard lately looking at these! I have to add those patterns to my wish list. And hey, open an etsy shop of your own too already! Your stitching is gorgeous!

Kristi said...

Thanks, you're too sweet! :) I have been thinking about opening a shop...I still have a lot to think about, lol. I'm kinda chicken about it. :{

susanc said...


Your stitching is beautiful! Wherever did you find the glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss, may I ask? Is it DMC? I HAVE to get some! Thanks!


Kristi said...

Thank you Susan! Yes, the glow-in-the-dark floss is DMC. I bought it at my local needlework shop, and also at Michael's. It's a bit pricy compared to regular floss (over $2 per skein), but I think it's worth it. ;)

susanc said...

Thank you Kristi! I'll have to get some - it really gives such a fun effect.

sewitsforyou said...

oh I love them all. they look so great. Your stitching is so clean.

sewphie said...

I really love the bride of frankentstein- supercute. The glow in the dark floss looks awesome

Brook said...

OH these are sssooo cute! you did such a great job. but... the clown is FREAKIN' ME OUT!!! I have been tramatized since my mom decorated my room in clown stuff...

frenzykat said...

this is totally cute!
your stitches are amazing!

saralynn said...

ok anow i have to grab the glowy thread i saw and make some holoween decor lol