Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Friend Flickr

lucky number 13

I am not obsessed.
I am not obsessed.
I am not obsessed.
I am not obsessed.
I am not obsessed.

Yeah, I make a new poster every time I get a new photo in Explore. But I am NOT obsessed. Just very very enthusiastic about Explore. Yeah, that's it. Enthusiastic.



(Darn thing is so tiny! This layout won't let me post a bigger pic. Hmmph.)


Anonymous said...

I'm totally obsessed lately. Last time I checked I had 25 pics in Explore and theres only 18 today. :(

Crash Course Widow said...

Ha ha ha...you flickr stalkr freak, you. =D

But you've always been a little bit obsessed.... =D Remember a certain Mr. Fine Stine, hmmm??

(Just teasing.... =))

But whenever you figure out what that secret is to getting ON explore, lemme know, cuz I never get any. Oh well! =)

Kristi said...

lovestitches--Sometimes I have ZERO in Explore, and then I am sad. How pathetic, right? lol

ccw--Fine Stine, YIKES!!! Ugh, don't remind me! But like I said, I am not nor have I ever been obsessed with anything. It is mere ENTHUSIASM. Some might call it passion. Tee hee.

Oh, and if you wanna get something in Explore, my advice is to learn how to embroider. My needlework pics are the only ones that make it into Explore...I guess my floral pics kinda suck, lol. And you know if you ever wanna learn needlework, you'd have a very ENTHUSIASTIC teacher!!! :-D

sewitsforyou said...

how do you see if your pic is in the explore?? that is cool that yours are. I guess I am a bit flickr challenged.

fi at moose and bear said...

i have zero in explore too - that is so cool!!

Anonymous said...

oh YOU are kunderwood! der, i'm a bit slow sometimes. thanks for the add to your blog roll, i'll be adding you too!