Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gushy Gusherson

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps! I hope you're prepared for a whole lot of gushing from yours truly today, 'cause that's what this post is all about! As you may recall, I mentioned that Amy from Early Bird Special and I did a swap. Here's what I made her:

potty swap

There were a few other little goodies in the package...a set of Q-snaps, a skein of Weeks Dye Works floss, a little swatch of fabby with woodland critters on it...I didn't snap pics before I put the package in the mail, so if you're interested, go check out Amy's post about it. And be sure to check out all the cuteness she's got going on! This girl can STITCH. Flawlessly. Beautifully. And now I am the proud owner of a piece that Amy stitched. And she stitched it just for me!!! :-D Check this out:

wash your hands 2

wash your hands

wash your hands 3

This is to die for!!! I am so in love with this. I've been saving a spot on the newly-painted bathroom wall...and this is just perfect hanging above the hand towel. PERFECT. :)

Look at how marvelous this stitching is:

the perfect 's'


Amy knows how much I love french knots....and boy, did she outdo herself on this piece! Look:

french knots

(There are over three hundred french knots. Yowsa!!! Amazing.)

Amy loaded my package with goodies. Look at this!

potty swap loot!

She included this beautiful tea towel, which absolutely no one is allowed to touch. NO ONE.

tea towel

Here's a handmade zipper pouch, made personally by Amy with the cutest fabric ever.


She also sent me a couple really cool craft books, including a Japanese embroidery book (yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaa!!!!!!).

craft books

I also got one of her Early Bird Special pins. I was so happy to find it amongst the goodies, 'cause I had seen them in her Etsy and was secretly hoping she'd send one.

ebs pin

So, I would have to say that my first swap was a success!! I can't believe how much fun swapping is! Thank you so much, Amy, for taking a chance on a newbie like me. :)

That's all for now, stitchy peeps. I have lots more to tell you, but that will have to wait. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Early Bird Special said...

Oh, Kristi! I'm so happy that you love everything so much. The pictures you took are beautiful!! I knew you would make up for the fact that I didn't take any.

I'm so excited about seeing which pattern you'll pick first from the Japanese book. :)


Crazy Train said...

Wow! Everything looks amazing. You are lucky, luckerson:)

bookwormbethie said...

you got so many goodies! it's like an early xmas! and i am very envious of your japanese embroidery book and zipper pouch.

Crash Course Widow said...

Awww...too cute! Both of you. So did you know you were each sending the little pouchy bag, or was that just a coincidence? Or is it a secret handshake type of thing about stitchers? You know--you're aren't really in the club unless you have, carry, and send a pouch to another secret club stitcher??

Okay, I must be feeling loopy. Too little sleep last night. Stayed up way too late (um, like 5am late...=O ) trying to figure out my new toy last night, and then I was awake between 9:30 and 10 and unable to go back to Woozy Land. And here I was kidless this morning and could have slept in til noon if I wanted. Figures, huh?

Hope you're smashingly, and the stitchy stuff looks marvelous, as always. I'm glad other people are finding out how good you are. "Smoking needle" (or whatever Amy said on her blog) indeed!

sewitsforyou said...

wow you got a lot of grea things. I can wait to see what is next for you..your swap stuff you sent sounded really good ( and looked it )

Amanda Panda Pants said...

Oh my goodness Kristi! What a lucky lady you are! Japanese Embroidery Book, I am soooo jealous! You and Early Bird Special are two of the most talented stitchers I know, what a wonderful swap pair!


Tiffany said...

Ooh! If you are ever open to another swap, let me know. :)

Brook said...

Oh I love this!! I need a japanese embroidery book where do you buy these at??

lovestitches said...

It's so pretty! And my god, you're going to have so much fun with the japanese embroidery book!!

Early Bird Special said...

Hey girl! I love your blog!