Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Whole Lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH...And Some Pics

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

So, there's a lot to tell you! First, let me say how excited I was to have the talented Average Jane Crafter nominate my humble little blog to be included on Pimp Stitch's blogroll! Talk about flattering! And way awesome. Yay me!! :)

Also, I was extremely thrilled to find one of my little stitchy pieces featured on Feeling Stitchy. You can see that post here. And when I checked out today's post, I saw that one of my stitchy pieces was included in a mosaic. Wooooo hoooooo! I love the internet...

All right, last time I told you about being tagged by Brook. Here's the deal:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

So, I am going to be a total spoil-sport and break the rules. I am not tagging anyone. It turns out that it's a whooooooole lot of work to do that! And I am feeling a bit lazy today. But I think Brook is a total hoot and I adore her blog, and find it so flattering that she tagged me...so....I will tell you my unspectacular traits, and leave it up to you whether or not you want to play along. Tee hee. (Oh, but CCW, I think you should do this. So I am unofficially tagging you, darlin'!)

Ok, here goes:

1. The closet doors in my bedroom must be completely shut in order for me to sleep well. Don't ask me why 'cause I can't tell ya. It just has to be like that.

2. My pillows
must be facing inward in order for me to sleep, but when I make the bed, they must be facing outward.

3. I can't stand it when the slats on the mini blinds are askew. Oh my gosh, I hate it. Hubby finds this simultaneously amusing and annoying.

4. I talk to inanimate objects--a lot. But don't worry, they don't talk back to me.

5. I always save the best bite for last when I am eating. I will eat around the parts that I don't consider to be the best until all that's left is the
best...for example, the center of a piece of French toast.

6. I curse like a sailor when I play video games. Oh, and when I drive. Oh, and when I am angry. Hmmmm....

Ok, so there ya go! Six quirks about yours truly. Sorry that I am not tagging people. But by the looks of it, so many of the people I would tag have either already done this or just plain don't want to.

Now, onto some pictures! I've been stitchin' some more of Annie Oakleaves' patterns. Seriously people, the cuteness is insane! :-D

hey there cutie!

'shroom house

This guy reminds me of Mike Brady:

ennie dude

I think it's the hood. The little X's I put on there make me think of the '70's. How weird is that???


Here are some Halloween stitchies!


I love his cape:

cape detail

Here, have some candy:


Well, I think that's about it from me for now! I hope you're enjoying the new template. I still haven't figured out how to make a cute header that is wide enough, but I am diggin' being able to post bigger pictures. Let me know what ya think! :)

I've got more stitchy goodness up my sleeve, peeps, so I will talk to you again soon. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Crash Course Widow said...

Yea, new post!! =D

You're the opposite of me with quirk #5. I have to eat the best bite (yes, like the center of French toast or a waffle) first. And sure, I'll go tag myself. Go check out my fluffy blog later tonight.

I, for one, ♥ the new layout--or at least the wider pics. And the new stitchy stuff is quite cute, of course. =)

Hugs! Mwa!

Brook said...

oh I totally love the little girl with the X's on her hood!

Brook said...

hello, back again! I actually have 2 questions well maybe 3...

1) what fabric are you using to stitch these patterns on?

2) are you using all 6 strands (i saw a flickr macro shot of one of your WIP)

3) what the hell is that snappy thing holding your embroidery so wonderfully? Is that a Q-snaps? I think I need one whatever it is... where did you get it?

Brook said...

wow... I am so stupid... it says Q SNAPS super big and it is glowing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey sister!

I love that I can comment on your blog now too! YAY!!!!! You are so awesome! Can I put one more explanation point in here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new format, and of course your stitches are perfect as always :) I bet Annie Oakleaves' is loving seeing her patterns come to life. You need to open a etsy shop :)

Bye darlin'
Amanda Panda Pants

Kristi said...

Thank you ladies!! :)

Yay! Were you unable to comment before? I am so glad you're able to now! :) So, when are YOU gonna write a blog, hmmmmm? ♥

I am stitching these on inexpensive muslin...both white and natural/ecru. I use 6 strands for the most part, though on smaller details I use 2-4 strands, depending on what I'm stitching. ♥

g said...

hi kristi I found you via Early Bird Special & am so happy I did - you're an amazing stitcher!

Plus, we obviously are seperated at birth because we have very similar quirks!

I'll be a regular reader from now on...so glad to {virtually} meet you!

{p.s. I hope its okay...I added you to the embroidery blogroll on my blog}

Average Jane Crafter said...

Heck! It was my pleasure to nominate you! I love your blog! And I love the name "Stitchy Stitcherson" 'cause I add "erson" to *everything*. Almost annoyingly so. ;)

HOly smokes! These little stitchies are amazing! That mushroom makes me giddy! I'm also curious what fabric you're stitching on - it looks dreamy. I've enjoyed reading about your and Amy's swap on her blog. :)


sewitsforyou said...

This is great. I love all of thenew stitching. I wish I could take pics like that on my camera. I think when we get some moola we should get a new one.

I curse horribly when I drive, worse than a sailor. I have a real truck driver mouth.

I also talk to inanimate objects like I was telling the carpet how much I hated it when I was yanking it out.,,

great job as always and thanks for the insight into you..

Girl Land said...

Ack. So happy to have found your blog through Early Bird Special. I'm a novice (= sloppy, ha) embroiderer. But I'm trying to improve. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

Annie Oakleaves said...

I just realized its been a few days since I told you how fantastic you are! I have always wanted a qsnap does it hold it tight? They look fantastic I cant wait til they get here.

fi at moose and bear said...

I found your blog through pimp stitch - loving it so far!! those annie oakleaves patterns are gorgeous too - you did a great job!

sunnie_fairy said...

wow love all the embroidery! I have never been tagged, but then, I just started blogging about crafts like a couple of weeks ago... :]

saralynn said...

LOL i totally do the save the best piece for last

surprisingly only a few ppl comment on it

when i was being tutored at home i used to eat the outsides of my poptart things first and save the yummy frosting/filled part for last my tutor would pik on me lol

also hubby dose alot =(

and i LOVE your stichery