Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bathroom Stitching

bathroom wip
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That's a funny title for a post, right? Forgive me, darlings...It's late. :)

We are in the middle of renovating our stupid, old, icky, moldy, crumbling bathroom. It's a messy project and it's driving me crazy, but it has to be done. And it's gonna look great when it's completed! I finally get the aqua walls I've been dreaming about. :)

Of course, re-doing the bathroom means getting to pick out new accessories. And now I need something to go with the new towels and shower curtain. So.....I decided to stitch up this freebie from Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching.

I am going to make her blonde like me. (Tee hee!) In fact, I think I'd like to make her hair entirely of french knots. I ♥ french knots, though I may KNOT (ha ha) be so fond of them when I've done 40 ka-jillion of them.

This is the only thing I've been working on lately. I usually have 2 or 3 projects in rotation, but between the bathroom, the kids, and work, I barely have time for stitching. Oh well! If I had too much time on my hands, I'd be complaining about being bored! :-D

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