Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Teeny Tinies

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

So, I've been busy busy BUSY with non-stitchy things lately. But I have had time to whip up two teeny tiny little things.

First up is something with which I am not quite finished. I will be making this into a brooch. But the stitchy part is complete. Have a look:


It's realllllly tiny.

tiny & cute

See? Tiny.

so small, so cute

(Pattern by Wild Olive.)

The other project I recently did can be seen here. It's far from perfect, but it was a blast (get it??) to stitch.

That's all for now, my darlings! I hope I can find a free hour or two this week to get some stitching done....and if I do, I will be back soon with more stitchy goodness to share. :) Until then...

Happy Stitching!


craft pig said...

cutest pizza I've ever seen!

JigsawJones said...

Man, how the F did you get it so small? Did you just use one thread? It looks really, really good!

Kristi said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Jigsaw--I used two strands for the mouth, eyes (french knots) and pepperonis, and either 4 or 6 strands for the crust...don't quite recall which, 4 or 6. :):)

JigsawJones said...

It is CRAZY cute!!