Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally, Four Onesies

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

I finished the other three onesies Monday night.


They're all ready to be gift wrapped. I think they look so cute in their little box.


I love each little doggie. Look at how cute they are, all lined up!


They stitched up in a snap. I don't know why I kept putting them off.

Just look at that face!


I used Gerber Organic Onesies. I love these 'cause stabilizer is unnecessary, in my opinion.

I am relieved to be done with these onesies, 'cause the shower is this weekend! Talk about waiting 'til the last minute. In all honesty, though, I probably could whip out ten more of these onesies by Saturday if I had to. That's how much I enjoyed stitching them.

That's it for now, my darlings! I have a mile-long list of stitchy items I need to do, so I will be back soon with more goodness to share. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Early Bird Special said...

Oh my gosh, Kristi!! These are so darling! I love that that you did the same dog, but each with a different colored bow. The Mama will be so excited, and I'm sure your gift will be the star of the shower. <3

FullertonRegan said...

Definitely will be a hit! Folks just love to see hand made items at a baby shower. The last two I went to, I made some quilts that were OK at best and folks just swooned. You onesies are so beautifully done that everyone will squee! Great job!

Crash Course Widow said...

Cute, cute, cute!! You do SUCH a fabulous job with your stitched shirts! S is gonna love these ones!!! =)

I'm glad that Anna can still wear the shirt you stitched her last summer. Hoping we can squeak it out through this fall and winter maybe, even.

Miss you like crazy!! =) Mwa!

Amanda Panda Pants said...

Oh Kiki!!! These are just too much! I bet they are the favorite at the shower :)

TracyC said...

Love this! Super brilliant idea. I'm filing away the organic Gerber onesie info for future gifts.

Elizabeth said...

Good to know about the stabilizer factor on these. I'm thinking on making some up for my cousin,but I need long sleeve onesies since the baby is due in December.

Yours are too cute!

Lauren Pavia said...

How did you do the outline? Did you thread your needle with three strands at once or did you trace over your first outline twice more?

Kristi said...

Hi Lauren, I used multiple strands and did the outlining all at once. I think I used four strands (well, two long ones folded in half) so I could use a knotless loop start instead of tying a knot on the back. Hope that helps! :)

Knotless Loop Start

Lauren Pavia said...

Thanks, Kristi! That's awesome. I'm very new to stitching so this is great advice. I've been trying to figure out how to eliminate knots on the back.