Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ornaments

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

As I mentioned before, I made Christmas ornaments this year for my family. A couple of the ornaments actually morphed into pillows, 'cause I thought it'd be fun to make pillows. :)

There was a lot of sewing involved:

working/sewing/having fun

works in progress

I'm not so great at sewing, but I am learning. I don't like to do complicated things, like measuring and using a pattern. ;)

reindeer jordnot

Cute, right? I just can't get enough of Mollie's patterns.


The backs:


sock monkey
light bulb

I loooooooooove this one:


It's mostly satin stitched, which wasn't at all tedious like I thought it would be.

And here is the biggest thing I made, a pillow for my owl-loving sister in law:

owl pillow

owl pillow--close up

That's all for now, my lovelies. I will be back next year with more stitchy goodness. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

Those are adorable! I love the sock monkey one. Nice work. :)

Mollie. said...

Um, yeah. That sock monkey is too sweet! I always love your ornament...thank you so much for all of your support, dear!

Libby said...

I love everything about these!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

So cute! I love the sock monkey. :-) and the sock monkey backing fabric! Lovely work, all!

sewitsforyou said...

these were cute.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, I happened to have this open in another tab, on the "Monogram for Hand Embroidery" page, when I came across your blog post about this project. I don't know if this is where you originally got it, but here's the pattern -

Just FYI, since your Flickr page says you don't remember where you found it.

Kristi said...

Oh yes, that's it!! Thank you, Anonymous. I've updated my Flick with the proper link. :) And thank you to everyone for the sweet comments.