Sunday, July 3, 2011

Liberty Sampler

I hope everyone is having a safe, happy, and fun Fourth of July weekend! I thought I would share with you a little something I stitched up in 2003.

liberty sampler

I remember stitching this as I was house hunting. I finished it in the midst of buying my house, and was excited to get it framed and ready for hanging in the new place. :) It used to hang in the hallway year-round, but as years passed and I had my babies, stitchy pictures like this one were replaced with portraits and candid shots of my little ones. I had all but forgotten about this particular stitchy piece, but upon finding it recently as I was rooting around in the storage box where I keep my seasonal stitchy pieces, I decided to add it to the line-up of rotating holiday/seasonal stitchy pieces with which I decorate my house. It doesn't hang on the wall (I can't take down my kids' baby pics, no way!), but rather is part of a Fourth of July vignette in my kitchen.

red stars

I had such a hard time getting decent pics of this thing! Seriously!! I tried four different times to get good shots of this little sampler, and these that you see here are the best of all those attempts. Boo. They're not horrible shots, but I've done better. Oh well. I guess I am a bit out of practice. ;)

close up


I am so in love with that "MADE IN U.S.A." charm. This pattern came with three charms, actually, but this one is by far my favorite of the bunch.

funky angle



So, last time I mentioned that I would be sharing some wedding stitchery with you, but I spoke too soon about that. I can't share it until it's been received by the bride & groom, so it'll still be a bit before I will be blogging about it. But it's coming, I promise. :) And who knows, I may even have something else to share with you before that. I have been sitting on some pretty major news for a while now, and the time to talk about it drawing near. So stay tuned for that. :)

Happy Stitching, my friends! ♥-♥-♥


Becky said...

What a pretty sampler! So you've secretly been an amazing stitcher for a long time hmm.....

kittykill said...

It's very nice. Happy 4th!

Julie said...

I love the charm. :)

Have a Happy 4th!

Bex said...

Super cute and festive!

Becky said...

Love this! The charms add so much!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Nice sampler--I love the little houses!

SewAmy said...

very sweet~ I love the little 'made in the usa' charm too.