Sunday, July 8, 2012

SAL Progress--Week One

It's time for an update on The Christmas in July Stitchalong!

I seem to have hit a little snag. The problem with doing an online stitchalong to get a head start on Christmas gifts for your friends and family is that you can't really show too many pictures of your progress. I'd hate for any of the recipients to see them!


Oh well! I will take a risk and post something today. It's not like I am going to say who these gifts are for.  So, I think it will be okay. ;)

So far, I have only completed the stitching for one ornament. The "A" is a work in progress, obviously. You can find the pattern for the "A," along with other letters of the alphabet, on this amazing site. The other piece I stitched is not from a pattern, but rather just a logo on a website. I thought it would make a cool ornament, so I copied it the best I could and there you have it.

The picture of the pink and green floss skeins on the beige-ish backdrop is a cross stitch piece that I hope to start soon. That backdrop is actually the linen I will be using--a lovely piece of Zweigart Lugana, actually, called Days Gone By. It's hand-dyed and dreamy.

I wish I had more progress to share, but I got caught up in a Halloween piece I started last year and spent one day working on it instead of the Christmas pieces. Ooops! I hope to have more progress to share with you next week.

Speaking of progress, Julie's doing great! Check out what she's done so far. I LOVE the kitty tangled in the lights!

I guess that's it for this week's round-up post! Remember, if you are stitching along with Julie and me, be sure to email me your pics and/or links! I'd love to share your progress here as well my own!


Julie said...

Ooooh, I love the Anne! Your stitching is perfect, as usual. :)

My Little Corner said...

Oh I so love the Halloween piece and your embroidery monogram is stunning. I have the same problem, people have seen the item on my blog before I've given it to them - even those that don't read it regularly seem to know when to tune in! LOL!

Keep stitching, your work is incredible as always!

Anonymous said...

Cute, Kristi! I particularly love the pink "A" -- very nicely stitched.

I actually started stitching a Mario & Luigi cross-stitch for my teen's birthday later this month. Nothing like procrastinating ;-). But I'm hoping to get at least one ornament stitched up after that.