Sunday, July 15, 2012

SAL Progress--Week Two

Hello, hello! It's that time again. Round-up time, woo hoo!

For Week One, I had finished the stitching for one ornament and had partially finished the stitching for another. For Week Two, I finished the partially-complete ornament. (Well, the stitching, anyway. All sewing will come later this fall.)

Letter "A" monogram pattern courtesy of Mary Corbet

The stitching for the "A" went quickly and smoothly. I love satin stitching. I did something a little different than I usually do, however: I outlined everything to be satin stitched with a split stitch first. Normally, I outline with a backstitch, but I had read somewhere once that a split stitch is recommended. I wish I knew where I read that! I would like to thank whoever said that! I found that the split stitch, which I usually dislike because I can't get it to look nice, made satin stitching super easy. I tend to have trouble with the holes that are made with the backstitch. They're small, but they create problems for me when I am trying to line up my satin stitching. But with the split stitch, those holes aren't there. My satin stitching isn't perfect by any means, but I can tell that it has improved. I can feel a difference when I am stitching. Hooray!

For Week Two, I also got a good, solid start on another monogram. In fact, this is the result of just a couple hours' worth of work that I did while watching television last night.

Letter "H" monogram pattern courtesy of Mary Corbet
My plan for Week Three is to finish the letter "H" ornament and get started on a cross stitch piece. It won't be an ornament, but rather a framed piece for a friend's child. I am pretty stoked to start it! The pattern is adorable.

Speaking of adorable, check out Julie's progress for the week! She's amazing!! How cute is that kitty, seriously?!? ♥-♥-♥

See ya next Sunday for Week Three's round-up!

{Edited 7/18 to add--I found the source of the split stitch/satin stitch advice!}


Lisa Leggett said...

These are so incredibly beautiful, Kristi! I'm definitely going to try this split stitch method on my next satin stitch piece. Also, Christmas stitching in July is brilliant! I really need to do that too! Less the stress later on.

Julie said...

It all looks so good! Awesome job! :)

Anonymous said...

Your satin stitching is so beautiful, Kristi!! I'm in love with the colors you're using on these letters.

I'd never heard the tip about using split stitch instead of backstitch, so thank you for sharing it.

I should finish up my Mario & Luigi cross-stitch within a day or two, then hope to get started on an ornament while my fingers are in stitching mode =).


Poppy (xperimentl) said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the way their split stitches look. I hardly ever use split stitch, but I'll give it a try with my next satin stitch project. I'm having a hard time thinking of Christmas gifts right now, but hate having to rush during the holiday season, so I appreciate the inspiration!

Barb said...

Beautiful satin stitching. I'm going to give the split stitch a try.