Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crafty Sheep's September Color Challenge, Part Two

Guess what? I completed the challenge!

Here is the blackwork piece I showed you last time. Sorry it's not a great pic, but my camera batteries ran out of juice and of course I didn't have any more AA's in the junk drawer. Grrrr. But I don't want to wait until I've had a chance to go buy more batteries to show you this, even though it would mean a clearer, crisper pic. I am really anxious to share this!

I definitely see more blackwork in my future!

And, because I loved September's Color Challenge very, very much, I decided to do a second piece (which I managed to get a good shot of before the camera batteries died). 

Eeeeeep! ♥ This is from a Japanese embroidery book I bought on Etsy a couple years ago. This is my first time stitching anything from the fact, I do believe it's my first time stitching something from any Japanese embroidery book (I have a few). Why did I wait so long?

This piece, like the blackwork one, is super tiny. I didn't actually break out the measuring tape, but I'd estimate it to be about 2x2.5 inches. 

(By the way, that "K" on the mug was not part of the original pattern. Isn't it cute, though?)

I looooooooooooved doing this challenge. It was fun to venture out and try something new. I highly recommend it. I look forward to future Color Challenges! I may even play with some of the past challenge palettes. I've had my eye on Fresh Picked and Color Breakfast since they debuted this summer. 

How 'bout you? Have you participated in any of the Color Challenges? Do you plan to soon? Please, do tell!


Julie said...

They both look so, so good. You did an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Very nice on the blackwork, Kristi! I like how you incorporated 728 into it.

The colors also worked nicely for the Japanese design. I love the texture of her clothing, and the addition of the "K" to the mug =).

I have pulled the floss colors & picked out an Urban Threads design that I think will work well with the colors; I'm going to add the design to the "Love" pillowcase I started for myself earlier this year. (I intended to start on it last night but got sucked into the vortex known as Tumblr LOL.)


Carla said...

Great job! Both look fantastic!

Pam Fields said...

Beautiful job. I love your little Japanese stitchery. She is just adorable.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

They are both great pieces. Yay for color!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that looks great! I love, love, love blackwork, even thought it makes me cross-eyed. I love the little Japanese piece too!

Alexis said...

Sooo cute! The teeny-tiny mug of tea is my favorite part :)

Candice said...

Love the "k" on the mug. Tres apropos. ;o)

(Wait, did I just mix languages?)


sewphie said...

Oh that little japanese embroidery is just so cute!