Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneak Peek Revealed

Here is the completed piece I teased you with last time I posted. 

From the Portrait of a Masked Girl pattern by Greenbeanbaby

Isn't she gorgeous? I just love her! You can make her, too. In fact, I hope you do; I'd love to see another stitcher's interpretation of her!


Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

Kristi, She is divine! I just love her face...great job!

jeanne e. said...

love! you do such neat and lovely work. :) i had to go and order this pattern (and the sugar skull masked kids) because of this post. nothing like seeing a pattern in motion (so to speak)... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I love her big brown eyes =).


Barb said...

She is really cute!!