Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lizzie*Kate's Strawberry Sampler

It's no secret that I love Lizzie*Kate designs. Love love love. I don't know when I first discovered them, but it had to be at least a dozen years ago. In fact, the first time I used overdyed floss was on a Lizzie*Kate freebie design that was included in my LNS newsletter. Anyway, I love stitching Lizzie*Kate designs. Have I mentioned that? ;) And here is my most recent L*K finish.

Strawberry Sampler by Lizzie*Kate
Isn't this adorable? It was a fun, quick stitch. And the pattern included beads, which is always fun, especially when there aren't too many to deal with. ;)

Funny thing about this design...if there is an "O" somewhere, I managed to miss it. I don't see it on the designer's finished example either, though, so I am thinking "O" wasn't part of this sampler's alphabet.

Ooops! I noticed something while comparing my piece to the designer's: there are three little stitches next to the letter "X" that I somehow managed to miss. D'oh! Gotta fix that before I frame this piece. 


Paige said...

Cute! I love that little watermelon slice!

Sue Vaughan said...

I love this! Sue x

Ruth S said...

Gorgeous finish - I love L*K too, and this strawberry design has to go on my "need it" list :)

Julie said...

I know I already told you how much I love this but I will say it again...I love this!

Maybe the little thing (I'm not sure what it's kind of eggplant shaped) at the bottom is supposed to be the O.

Level 1 Homemaker said...

I've not seen Lizzie*Kate's designs before, but this one is adorable! Do you order them or find them in the store?

You stitches are so perfect!

Do you think, maybe the peas are O's? Or the eggplanty fruit/veg before the P? Both give the impression of an O.

I really love it! (If I can stop stitching Frosted Pumpkin designs long enough, I will look for these!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kristi!! Good enough to eat!!

Kristi said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I had wondered about that eggplant representing the O, too!

Level 1 Homemaker--My local needlework shop carries L*K designs, as do most online needlework shops.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish.