Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery WIP Revealed!

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

So....I was going to wait to reveal the project I'm about to show you until the recipient has, er, received it. But I am just too gosh darned excited to do that! I want to share it with you NOW!!!

And so, without further ado, I present to you...
hello, i'm cute

I've mentioned this project before, both here and here. I still am not ready to reveal who this is for...and I haven't even gotten it in the mail yet. And I don't want to ruin the surprise. (Oh goodness, I hope I don't ruin anything by talking about it here!) But I am not one who can sit on a surprise for very long, so I am taking a chance and sharing these pics with you.

But first, lemme give you some info on this piece. It was designed by the talented Ellia Hill, aka greenbeanbaby. Ellia amazes me with her skill! I have purchased a few items from Ellia's etsy, and I can't believe how much time, thought, and detail go into each piece.

Anywho, the pattern was not intended for embroidery, but rather for a cut paper art tutorial. But since I am better with needle & thread than an x-acto knife, I decided to embroider the pattern instead.

I am pretty pleased with the results. :)

Look at the sweet little mouth:

pucker up

The hair was done with a split stitch, both for outlining and filling:


I'm pretty crazy about the little dolly. Isn't she cute?

li'l dolly

Here are some more pics for you to enjoy. :)

flower stem

pink shoes

hey there, cutie pie

crazy angle

So there you have it! This was so fun to stitch. I am a little sad that it's all done, even though I am relieved 'cause now I can send it out to a very deserving person. But, as always, I have tons of stuff in the works, so I will be back sooner or later with more stitchy goodness to share with you. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Angie said...

Love it! I've always been a cross stitcher, but am dying to get into doing some embroidery as well. I guess it's not a big leap.

Glenda said...

Oh my gosh, how ADORABLE is she?!?! I love the details on her dress, and the texture of her hair looks so much like a doll's hair -- how many strands did you use for split-stitching her hair?

That's a great idea, turning a paper cut design into embroidery. I enjoy doing papercutting, tho I can only do very basic stuff ;-). I'll have to go check out Ellia's blog and etsy - thanks for the links.

JigsawJones said...

That is super rad! I love it so much!! The hair looks really good!

Early Bird Special said...

WOW!! She is absolutely beautiful, Kristi! I love everything about her, and her hair is just amazing!

Great pictures, as usual! :)

Amanda Panda Pants said...

Kristi!!! This is wonderful, I love all the colors and of course the stitches are perfection :) The recipient of this gift is going to be well pleased. xo

Anonymous said...

oh this is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! WOW!!! i love all the details and how elegant she looks!! looka those flowers in her dress! and the dots on the doll's dress!! how cute is this!?! i had hoped my stuff could translate into stitching :) well, one day i will get a chance to work with you on some designs :D

thank you for sharing this!! thank you for making this tutorial out of pretty stitches! and thank you for the kindest of words!

hugs, ellia [greenbeanbaby]

Anonymous said...

Kristi!! I love it! It is darling! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Average Jane Crafter said...

Beautiful! Amazing! The hair is flawless - everything is flawless! I love it! :)

What kind of fabric did you stitch on?

Claudia said...

i think i'm speechless.
who ever gets it, will go BONKERS!
as always kristi, your stitches are perfect.

Kristi said...

Wow, thanks everyone! Your kind comments mean a lot to me. ♥

Angie--Go for it! Embroidery is, in my opinion, much easier than cross stitch. There's no counting! :)

Glenda--I am not 100% positive, but I believe I used 6 strands for her hair. :)

Ellia--WOOT! So glad you like her!!

Average Jane Crafter--I used unbleached muslin. Very affordable and very easy to stitch on, it's something I use quite often. :) :)

Kristi said...


I meant to say that I used
bleached muslin for this project, not unbleached. My bad!

Elizabeth said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brianna Soloski said...

How did you transfer the pattern to the fabric for stitching?

Kristi said...

Brianna--I used DMC embroidery transfer paper on this project. To be honest, I wasn't so crazy about it. I usually trace with a Sulky and iron the pattern on, or trace the pattern in a sunny window with either a pencil or a water-soluble pen.

Kristi said...

UH OH!!!

My bad! Brianna, I was wrong! I
did not use DMC transfer paper for this project! It was a pink iron-on pencil by Dritz. (I still wasn't super crazy about it, though.)

Sorry for the mix-up!

Brianna Soloski said...

Not a problem, Kristi. I actually have tracing paper and embroidery transfer pencils, so it would be easy to transfer. I find the window method not very much fun on shirts.