Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flossie Flosserson

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

Looooooong time no see, my friends! Sorry 'bout the absence. School is keeping me very busy--too busy for stitching! I have so many projects on the back burner right now that it's not funny. But I do have something totally awesome to show you today.



flossie flosserson
(From the pattern "Stitchy Friends!" by Amy Bindel.)

Isn't she just the darling?! This is part of a set of patterns designed by my friend Amy, better known 'round the internet as Early Bird Special. Amy recently started selling her sweet designs in her Etsy sure to check it out!

(Amy, I hope you don't mind that I named her. :))


I used variegated floss for the bulk of the design, and silver metallic floss for the needle:

flossie's needle

I know it doesn't show well in the pic, but the metallic floss really adds some shimmer and shine.

Well, that's it for now, my darlings. I wish I had more to share! Hopefully after this term is over I can get to some of those aforementioned projects...after all, I will have a whole month off before summer term begins. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? Maybe soon I will have some stitchy goodness to show you. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Early Bird Special said...

Oh my gosh, Kristi! I love it!! Seriously, you just made my day. ;-)
I love that you named her Flossy Flosserson!
So proud of you and your dedication to school. You definitely earned a break.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute Kristi!!! Love it!

I can see the shimmer too! I hope to see Flossie and Kristi around in the Summer!!

kym said...

So so cute...looking forward to more stitchy goodness!!

laura said...

Too cute! I love this set!

sewitsforyou said...

so adorable. I love flossy. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so far behing on blog readings but I just saw this Floss Flosserson you stitched and OMG.....that is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, your mermaid is super pretty! I have a little lip tip. this is how i handle it... make the upper lip a little darker than the bottom. this way the mouth become two lips instead of one red shape! hope this helps.