Friday, January 4, 2013

Ornaments Given and Received

Happy New Year! 

Here is a peek at two ornaments I made last year. They are for my sons' teachers, but because the last day of school before vacation ended up being snowy and thus cancelled, the ornaments are still here at home with me. That's okay, the teachers will get their gifts when school resumes next week, and it gave me time to photograph the ornaments after the holidays, when the hectic pace had slowed and--miracle of miracles!--the sun came out for an entire day. 

Pattern by Wild Olive, originally blogged about here. 

Pattern courtesy of Bustle & Sew

There is a story behind that bunny ornament. My oldest, who is in the third grade, adores his teacher. She has a black and white bunny who has been ill. :( My son wrote a get well letter for the bunny and gave it to his teacher (so sweet!), but that wasn't enough for his sensitive little soul. He wanted to give his teacher a Christmas ornament of a black and white bunny so, as he stated, "She can see it on her tree on Christmas Eve and think of me." (Oh! How sweet is that?) Well, as you can imagine, bunny-related items of any type are in short supply in December, and finding an ornament was impossible. So I made one. :)

How do you like the basket? I used Sublime Stitching's new Mingles floss. Fun!

Speaking of ornaments, check this out!

Julie made me an ornament! Eeeeeep! ♥ She sent me the loveliest package of goodies at Christmastime, and I was so thrilled to find this beautiful, hand stitched ornament amongst the gifts.

Even the backside is adorable!

(And here is a link to the ornament I made for Julie, in case you're interested. Does it look familiar? :) I had a hard time sitting on that secret for all those months!)

I hope 2013 is treating you well thus far. For me, it's been nice just being home with the kiddos. Oh, and I've been working on a new project. I'll be sharing details about that soon--stay tuned!


sewphie said...

They are all so cute - i particularly like the gingerbread men!

My Little Corner said...

They are all very nice! I would have been so down when the last day of school was cancelled and you couldn't give those gifts. Was your son upset that his teacher wouldn't get his bunny ornament in time?

Kristi said...

sewphie--Thanks! I am pretty partial to the gingerbread men, too! I just love gingerbread! :)

My Little Corner--Yeah, he was a little bummed about his teacher not having the ornament for Christmas Eve. He's still excited to give it to her, though! I think he is just happy to have a bunny ornament to give to her. :)

Ruth S said...

Adorable ornaments! I especially love your sweet bunny ;)

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Those are lovely!

fawn said...

These are so cute and the bunny story... adorable!!!