Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goals Update #2

I've spent the last couple months trying to tackle some more items on my stitchy goals list

I started a project on 40-ct linen. Oh my, talk about tiny fabric! I chose to stitch The Queen Bee by JBW Designs. It's such a sweet little pattern. 

I don't know exactly what linen this is, but I think it's Sand Newcastle by Zweigart. It's just a bitty little piece, I do know that. What I know for sure, though, is that I am using Black Coral silk floss by Dinky Dyes. I am actually crossing two things off my list with this project: stitch on 40-ct linen and stitch something entirely in silk. 

(I wish I'd put a quarter or something next to that bee to give you an idea about how small she is. From crown to stinger, she is less that two inches! Same thing from wing to wing.)

Also on my list is trying new crochet stitches. I dabbled in granny squares, even buying a pamphlet at the craft store. The pamphlet makes them look pretty easy, and everything I've read online about granny squares is that they're pretty easy. But for me, something isn't quite clicking--yet. I know it will someday. *Fingers crossed*. 

It's not horrible, it's not great. It is what it is and I am okay with that. 

I've also been working on what I think is called the V-stitch.

I've taken to this stitch better than the granny squares, for sure. But I figure I'll be able to conquer grannies eventually, so I am not worried about it. 


SewAmy said...

Your stitching looks great! I want to learn to crochet or knit one day. And I love the bee pattern. 40 count gets easier and easier to stitch on the more you do it.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty wee bee =). Are you stitching 1-over-2?

Your crocheting is so pretty. I'm not a crocheter, but nothing's jumping out at me as being obviously wrong with your granny square -- what should be tweaked?

Kristi said...

SewAmy, thank you! :)

Unknown, yes, the bee is 1-over-2. It's so delicate! I love it. As for the granny square, I am not quite sure what needs to be tweaked, lol, I just know it doesn't quite look like the examples I've seen. I think I may have added extra stitches in places. Thanks for your kind words! :)

Anonymous said...

Kristi, I have no idea why my Google account is showing up my name as Unknown! Sorry about that :P. Got some investigating to do, lol.

aka Unknown ;-)

Kristi said...

Lol, Glenda! I totally thought that comment "sounded" like you! Too funny.

I hope you get it all figured out. Technology can be so frustrating sometimes!

Julie said...

Granny squares took me a while to get right. Of course now I've probably forgotten how to do them. I'm sure you will get it!

I love that bee. :)

besomom said...

You probably already do this, but YouTube is wonderful for figuring out how to make things like Granny Squares. Have you tried blocking this one? Maybe it just needs to be blocked.

I love that bee! I went to look at the full pattern, and I have to say, if I were to stitch this, I'd stitch just the bee and "bee" done with it. The whole thing is pretty, but there's something about just the bee that really appeals to me.

Kristi said...

Thanks, besemom! Yeah, I've tried YouTube. I just haven't found a video yet that has really clicked with me, though I know there must be one out there. ;) I hadn't thought of blocking it, though. I'll have to give that a try.

I have thought about leaving the bee as-is...that linen is just so tiny! My eyes would certainly thank me. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog through Pinterest, looks fab and I'll be adding you to my blog reader as soon as I've finished here. A little tip for granny squares - pop over to attic 24 where the lovely Lucy has done a fab step by step with amazing photos. I taught myself to crochet from her blog and now there's no stopping me, she's fab, I'm sure you'll love it if you haven't found her already. Mx