Monday, September 14, 2009

I Got a Rock

Hey there, Stitchy Peeps!

This post is going to be short on words, for yours truly is tired. I was on vacation last week and had too much fun! I've been trying to play catch up...rather unsuccessfully. ;)

Anywho, here's a peek at a little thing I did recently:

charlie brown always got a rock

Cute, eh?

This was designed by Wild Olive (who, as you know, I love love love!), and it's inspired by It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

my chain stitch...

Hey, look at that chain stitch, would ya? Ain't it grand?

chain stitch, up close

Ok, I will admit, it's not the best example of chain stitching you'll see, but it's not bad. Right? ;)



i got a rock

This was a fun piece to stitch. :)

Well, that's is for me, darlings! I will be back soon with more stitchy goodness to share. Until then...

Happy Stitching!


Brook said...

hahah funny! your stitches are so even!!!

Jenny S said...

Your chain stitching is fantastic! I can't chain stitch, I mess it up in the first few stitches and end up screaming and tearing out it all out xo

JigsawJones said...

This is really nice! So, do you just color the fabric with crayons outright, like it's paper, or is there another process?

Mom Wald said...

It's pretty cheerful especially considering he's so sad.

Extraordinary Housewife said...

I looked on sublime stitching for the flower pattern on the onesies (one previous post) and can't find them. You did such a great job and they are darling. I would like to purchse the pattern. Could you link?

Kristi said...

Thanks everyone!

Jigsaw--Yup, I colored this with crayons. Here's a good tutorial:

Lana--Hi! Thank you for your kind words! I just checked out your blog and can't wait to read more when I have time (hopefully this evening).

Here's the link for the patterns. They're by Julie West as part of the Artist Series: